Next Stop - World Photography is a partnership between myself, Deb, and my husband, Richard. Due to Richard’s work, we are American expats living abroad. We change posts every two to three years which provides us the opportunity to really explore the country/regions we are living in.


My photographic experience goes back to two Photo Art courses I took in college with an old Pentax SLR. While the instant gratification and robustness of digital photography is wonderful, there is something to be said about the hands-on fun of a dark room! When I lived in Southern California, I was a manager of a Dean’s Photo (later Ritz Camera) one-hour photo shop. There is where I picked up my first Nikon SLR (pictured above). My photography skills later helped with some interning and then my master’s thesis work, using photography for photo-identification of bottlenose dolphins by taking photos of their dorsal fins. Until recently, I have been an avid hobbyist photographer taking courses here and there when I can (New York Institute of Photography, Nikon School, Adobe Photoshop Course, etc). My photographic interests are landscape and wildlife photography.


Richard has dabbled in photography from a very young age (pictured above). He prefers sports and concert photography. He has done some portrait work on the side. When doing travel photography, Richard sometimes prefers the human (and animal side). Back at home, our cat is the quintessential model for him.